A cardboard box version of the 'Starting Out' website package

Evolve your business and grow online

Setting up and running a business is no mean feat, demanding blood, sweat and tears from owners as they realize their dream. Time is often in short supply, which is often why important tools like a website get put on the back-burner.

The issue? Increasingly, more and more customers are looking online to do business. Without a digital presence, you're effectively shutting you the door on a significant amount of foot traffic. A strong, effective website works tirelessly 24/7 to communicate with audiences. It helps establish credibility and social proof, showcases your work and sells your services, and converts prospective visitors into customers.

So whether you're a new start-up or have been established for sometime, this package was built with everything you need to get your business online and grow your digital presence.

What's inside the box?
Up to five website pages built for you
More pages can be provided for additional fee, if required. Alternatively you can use the components I've designed to build the additional pages yourself.
A custom website design that fits your brand
All your content added in for you
Built on Webflow, making changes to your site as easy as sending an email
On-page SEO, plus Google Analytics setup
Constant backups and  99.9%  uptime
First year of lightning quick site hosting included!


How soon will my site be ready?

As this plan uses a streamlined form of my usual development process, most websites will be ready to launch in as little as four weeks.

Will I be able to edit my own website?

Absolutely! One of the key advantages to Webflow is it's easy to use editor, which was designed to allow anyone (regardless of their technical ability) to edit websites.

I'm busy, how involved do I have to be?

That's totally up to you. All clients are required to supply the content (text, images, logo's etc.) needed to build your site. Other than that, you can be involved as much or as little as your heart desires.

I've already got a website, can I still sign up?

Definitely. While this plan was geared towards newly established businesses and those without an existing website, any business (including those with a current website) is able to take up the offer.

When is payment required?

Before the project commences, an initial down payment of $1,000 is required. The final payment of $1,800 becomes due when the website is completed and ready for handover.

Sounds good! How do we start?

If you're interested in this deal, simply hit the button on this page and fill out the form, and I'll be in touch with you shortly!

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