Delivering websites that generate results

More than just eye candy, your website is your best sales tool. Make yours an asset that gets in front of the right audiences, generates revenue and helps you succeed online.

Packed with features you're going to love

As with building a house, it all starts with the foundation. That's why I exclusively build websites on Webflow, the web platform of the future. You're going to love it.

Keeping you in control

Say goodbye to the days going back and forth with a web agency to push updates to your website. Thanks to the Webflow Editor, you can now make changes on your own schedule, and doing so is a breeze.

Looks good everywhere

Building a website that looks sharp on big screens is all well and good, but if things go pear-shaped on mobile devices you're ultimately going to lose a lot of frustrated visitors. All my websites are carefully crafted to maintain functionality across devices of all shapes and sizes.

Ready for the journey

Every business seeks to evolve and grow. Using a renowned modular framework for my work means your investing in a website that's fit for the future & ready to grow with your ambitions.

Seen by those who matter

Following the on-page SEO best practices means your website will be optimised to rank on Google, helping you grow your audience, convert leads and fulfil your potential online.

Your website is in safe hands

You can rest easy knowing that from our first call all the way through until hand. My simple, hassle -free process makes every step of the journey a breeze...

Strategy Call

About 30 mins

This initial call is all about getting to know each other, making sure we're a good fit. We'll discuss the scope of website you're after and the goals or requirements you'll have for it. I'll give you some of my recommendations on how to get the most out of a website, and answer any questions you might have.


1-2 Days AFTER

If we both agree we're a good match after our strategy call, I'll head away and draw up a proposal for your project that covers the scope, the deliverables, milestone dates and pricing. I charge on a 'per project' basis rather than hourly, so you can rest assured the quoted price is exactly what you'll pay.

Visual Design

1-4 Weeks

With the paperwork sorted, I’ll move on to developing the look & feel of your website in Figma- setting out how each page will flow and interact with its audience. I'll provide you with access to the live design, allowing you to voice any feedback. Once completed, I'll send through the final design for your stamp of approval.

Webflow Development


With your sign-off, focus will then shift to bringing your website to life on Webflow. I'll set out building each page working off the design blueprints, uploading all your content, setting up any intergrations, until we're left with a full-fledged website ready to launch.

Site Launch!


Before deploying the website live, we’ll get together and go over it from top-to-bottom, making sure everything looks great and double check it works as it should. I’ll also deliver training to get you up to speed on many of the aspects of the Webflow Editor.

What will my website cost?

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Estimated cost

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Estimated price is indicative only, actual project quote may vary depending on overall scope, deliverables, timeframe and other factors.

Looking for the perfect fixed-price deal? check out the Starting Out website package.

Need an accurate quote? Let's chat.

In their own words...

“Kirk made the whole process of getting our business online completely painless and hassle-free. He understood our requirements, explained everything in terms we could easily understand, and kept us in the loop through the whole process. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a website.”

Andrew Conway

Canterbury Training & Contracting

“Kirk pays great attention to the small details, and delivers work that speaks for itself. If you’re looking for help with your website or SEO efforts, make him your go-to! Kirk is always responsive, totally committed to his craft & makes the whole process very easy - I’d recommend his services to anyone.”
Photo of Jess Klaassen

Jess Klaassen

FFP Canterbury

Your questions, answered.

It's natural to have a few questions before investing in a new website - here are some that I commonly get asked. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out.

What is your avaliability?

I'm currently avaliable for new projects. If you are interested in a new website and would like a no-obligation quote, you can do so by scheduling a call with me.

How long does it take to build a website?

Generally a new website will be ready to go live within 4-8 weeks. This varies depending on the scope of the project, my avaliability at the time, and a few other factors. My proposals include a timeline of the project with measurable milestones, so that we both have clear expectations of how long the build will take before getting started.

What will my website cost?

The price of a website can vary tremendously depending on its scope and deliverables. Until we've established what's required - whether it be a single page landing website or a complex build loaded with a bunch of animations & intergrations- it's all apples and oranges.

To help get us in the same ballpark, 90% of the websites I build fall within the 2k - 10k (NZD) range.

What ongoing charges are there?

Once the website is completed I can either setup you up with your own Webflow account and transfer it over to you, or it can be hosted within my own workspace (don't worry, you'll still have access to edit it!). Either way the only ongoing cost is the site hosting from Webflow, pricing for which can be found here.

Unlike other platforms (such as Wordpress), Webflow doesn't require any regular updates for plugins or security patches meaning that there isn't any monthly 'care fee' for keeping the lights on with regards to your site.

Why do you use Webflow?

There are a lot of reasons! Webflow allows developer to create visually stunning websites with complex, custom interactions & animations that produce engaging experiences with your audience, all while still outputting clean, semantic code that means fast-loading pages and better SEO rankings. Also its straight forward CMS system makes publishing new content to a site a breeze for clients!

For many businesses, Webflow provides an unrivalled solution for what they need from a website. Other platforms (I'm looking at you, Wordpress) with their clumsy drag & drop page builders, bloated plugins and never-ending updates fall utterly short in comparison.

I need a website, but don't have the time to meet up!

I'm hearing you, I'm not fond of unnecessary meetings either. Throughout the build, the only time I feel it's necessary for us to get together at the same time is for a discovery session before starting the visual design of the site, and even then alternative arrangements can be made.

During the rest of the build, I'll generally provide you with updates through Figma and Loom - platforms that allow me to share updates with you on my schedule, and for you to watch and provide feedback on yours.