Laptop showing users to switch from WordPress to Webflow

You and Webflow - the perfect match

Shake the headache of WordPress, Webflow makes managing your website fun with purpose-built tools, zero maintenance and no security worries.

You won't regret making the switch

Every now and again a tool comes along that revolutionises how something is done, making us question why we ever put up how it was done before. Meet Webflow, the revolutionary web platform.

Ditch the cookie-cutter themes

Agencies working with WordPress regularly build sites using pre-made generic templates. With Webflow, your website is custom-built for a unique experience built around your brand, meaning visitors are more likely to remember your business.

Say goodbye to plugins

Wordpress websites rely heavily on plugins to compensate for missing features. Over time, the wheels of the website start to fall off as plugins stop being supported, conflict with one another, or create security vulnerabilities. With Webflow there are no plugins, just everything you need in one box.

Content management made easy

Webflow ships with a straightforward, easy-to-use editor that puts you in control. Once your site is built, posting new content or updating text and images is as simple as sending off an email.

SEO-friendly from the start

WordPress drag-and-drop builders bloat your site's code, hindering load times and impacting site rankings on search engines. Webflow sites are built on clean, semantic code and come with built-in tools to boost SEO performance.

No updates, no worries

Tired of throwing money at a web agency every month just to keep your site compliant and up to date? Well don't - with Webflow there are no system updates or plugins to manage.

Lightning-fast site performance

Webflow's globally-distributed hosting infrastructure, powered by AWS, ensures your site loads with unmatched performance, keeping both search engines and your audiences happy.

How does it happen?

With a methodical process, I'll carefully handle the transition of your site over to Webflow, ensuring every step is carried out smoothly and without disruption to your audience.

Pre-shift preperation

Your current website is audited, analysing its structure and benchmarking traffic. With this information, I set about recreating your site within Webflow.

Making the move

Once the new site is ready, we will carry out the migration carefully and efficiently, making sure there are no broken links and with minimal downtime.

Post-launch support

With the new site live, I'll continue to provide support and monitor the performance of your site for several weeks, ensuring all aspects are performing correctly.

Ready to make the move?

Your questions, answered.

Here are some of the questions I often get asked by clients looking to switch to Webflow. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out.

Will my site look the same?

If you're happy with your existing design, it will be replicated as closely as possible within Webflow. Because of the way different systems display certain elements, I can't promise it will look absolutely identical, but any differences will generally be very minor and only noticeable if you were comparing them side-by-side.

Can we redesign my site at the same time?

If your website is due a bit of a tidy-up, this is a prime opportunity to do so. If you're after a design refresh when shifting to Webflow, please let me know when submitting your project enquiry.

Will migrating hurt my site traffic?

Unavoidably, making such a significant change as switching platforms can cause a temporary hit to your site traffic. This dip is typically short-lived, and you can be assured that the necessary care is taken during the preparation stage to mitigate traffic loss. Before long you should start to see a boost in traffic thanks to Webflow's SEO performance!

Why do you use Webflow?

There are a lot of reasons! Webflow allows developer to create visually stunning websites with complex, custom interactions & animations that produce engaging experiences with your audience, all while still outputting clean, semantic code that means fast-loading pages and better SEO rankings. Also its straight forward CMS system makes publishing new content to a site a breeze for clients!

For many businesses, Webflow provides an unrivalled solution for what they need from a website. Other platforms (I'm looking at you, Wordpress) with their clumsy drag & drop page builders, bloated plugins and never-ending updates fall utterly short in comparison.

How long does it take to switch?

Developing your site in Webflow is the most time-consuming aspect of migrating your site, the exact timeframe varies depending on the size of the site. Once the new site is ready to be launched, it typically only takes a day to make the switch happen. There can be a few hours of downtime when the move happens, so I'll arrange a time with you that causes the least disruption to your business.

How much does it cost to switch?

Just like building a website from the ground up, the cost of shifting your website to Webflow can vary significantly depending on how many pages your site has, the design and layout complexity, and any integrations you might require. If you're interested, complete the project enquiry form for a no-obligation quote.